Year 11 started their football tournament with a commendable performance against Bishop Fox’s School, which culminated in a 1-1 draw.

The second match against the first Monkton Wood team saw them secure a victory, prevailing with a narrow margin of 1-0 courtesy of a goal from Lia P.

The team’s momentum reached its peak in the third game, where they exhibited an outstanding offensive prowess, overpowering their opponents with an 8-0 triumph.

Miley C found the net once, while Aleasha distinguished themself with an impressive tally of four goals. Lia P continued her goal-scoring prowess, contributing three goals to the resounding victory.

Critical to the team’s success was the robust defence provided by Aydeen and Eliza, who demonstrated resilience and proficiency in thwarting opposing attacks. Their cohesive efforts resulted in maintaining a solid defensive line throughout the tournament.

Noteworthy individual contribution came from Sam K, whose exceptional work rate was a consistent and invaluable asset in all matches. Sam K’s dedication and tireless efforts significantly contributed to the team’s overall performance.

In summary, the Year 11 girls football team displayed a combination of defensive solidity, goal-scoring prowess and diligent work ethic in the tournament. The drawn first match, followed by a hard-fought victory and a resounding win in the subsequent games, underscored the team’s versatility and determination.
Mr Hedaux