Training to Teach

At Pyrland School we pride ourselves on our ambition for academic and personal excellence and student support. Trainee and new teachers are very much included in this vision.

Our rapidly improving, over subscribed school is unashamedly ambitious: ambitious about results, ambitious about opportunities and ambitious about offering a safe and supportive culture. What we want for our students is also what we want for our trainee, Teach First,  PGCE, ITT and ECT colleagues – both locally based and from further afield.

We know our community deserves the very best. A key element is including colleagues on their routes to becoming future educators. We are committed to supporting those new to the profession, we are committed to learning with them in order to extend what we offer Pyrland students. In return for your hard work and dedication to our students, we offer a programme of professional support and opportunities to contribute to our wider educational programme, from pastoral support to after school clubs, to educational and cultural enrichment visits.

As part of the Richard Huish Trust, we also benefit from a well established network of primary feeder schools and a pathway to post-16 provision which offers trainee teachers and those new to the profession a clear context for the secondary education.

As an inclusive, supportive, ambitious community we welcome enquiries from those interested in a career in teaching, a career change, a pre-training placement, or an accredited placement .We are as dedicated to preparing teachers of the future as we are to preparing the adults of the future. We welcome trainee teachers who:

  • Put students first.
  • Are dedicated to developing themselves and their students.
  • Are committed to learning from the most up-to-date pedagogical practice.

For more information about opportunities at Pyrland School please contact or ring 01823 348200.