Students from the Taunton Academy Year 11 Aspire Programme took part in a webinar hosted by Trinity College, Cambridge, about option choices to continue their studies at university. The 23 students heard how Russell Group universities specialise in research and that consequently, due to the quality of teaching, these may be harder to get into. They also discovered that more than 50,000 courses are on offer across the country at 345 different institutions.

Participants had the chance to think about the range of factors that might impact their possible choice, whether it is a campus, city or collegiate university, the style of teaching and assessment, the type and location, as well as the courses offered. Rosie Good, who hosted the session, gave an insight into the choices she herself made and talked about the support, bursaries and financing options for students to consider. She will be visiting the Aspire students in Year 10 and 11 on March 21st to deliver more information, advice and guidance on the university application process.

“It doesn’t mean that you need to know at this moment what you want to do for the rest of your life. It does mean you can start thinking about it, having those ideas, and using those ideas to inform the choices that you make now.” Rosie Good, Trinity College, Cambridge.

 “It was great to begin to think about life and studies after GCSEs. I did not know there were so many courses and options available and that very few future careers need a specific degree. I look forward to Rosie coming in in person next term so I can find out more.” Nina D, TTA student.