Bringing back our live assemblies after the Year 11 exams

By Sophie Keywood

Ms. Keywood and I founded the Let’s Talk! Society at Pyrland School to create a safe space for our young people to feel calm and comfortable to talk about the things that society sometimes misses. We are a group of young people who meet every Friday lunchtime to TALK! We address the ongoing issue of sexual harassment in schools and we speak out against inequalities, the importance of consent and we follow the journeys of other inspirational people who have gone before us. We pride ourselves on being a group of young people who put friendships, solidarity and togetherness at the forefront of everything we do. We aim to create a safe space for anyone who needs it and a place that we feel comfortable to talk, share and listen.

Sexual harassment in schools and among young people is rife, everywhere up and down the country, and we think it is imperative that Pyrland School is a safe place for our young people to be. The students in the Let’s Talk! Society planned, wrote and delivered this assembly to share what we do with the whole school and to spark a conversation that may just create the cultural shift that we need!

The Let’s Talk! Society members have developed their skills of public speaking, self confidence, resilience, ambition, motivation, passion, inspiration and most importantly learning from each other. They are a credit to the group and a credit to the school.

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Holly G

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